Corporate governance is the foundation of sustainable business growth and it also attracts ever-increasing attention from investors and regulators. By permitting companies to respond effectively to the external challenges, efficient corporate governance plays a major role in increasing the market players’ confidence. Also, it is a key aspect of investment decisions and this is a fact that is confirmed by several independent studies.

SK Finance Limited (Formerly known as Ess Kay Fincorp Limited) practices corporate governance by offering assistance in making sure that the transfer of the authorities to the hired management is seamless. When it comes to Corporate Governance, the approach of our company is based on years of our experts’ practical experience, best practices, and our large-scale methodological framework.

Our company’s powerful observance to Corporate Governance has permitted us to be well organized, plan the strategies and goals better as well as fulfill our procedures more efficiently. As a result, this has made us more competitive and powerful in the market. Also, it has played a major role in making us gain the image of a trustworthy company and ensure effective company administration and management.

The Code of Conduct (the 'Code') for the Directors and team members of SK Finance Limited (Formerly known as Ess Kay Fincorp Limited):

  • Remember that the members’ liability and major responsibility is towards the organization’s customers
  • Be transparent and honest in the assigned powers’ use, in the firm’s best interests and good faith
  • Keep the conflict of your personal interests separate from your professional life so that it does not affect the company's development
  • Use diligence and due care in performing the officials’ office duties and in exercising the powers joined to that office
  • They are charged with as well as are accountable for examining the company’s business affairs and assets in an ethical, honest, diligent, and fair manner
  • Have a courteous, respectful, and professional demeanor
  • Review and wherever necessary, approve the major financial actions, plans, and objectives of the company


SK Finance Limited (Formerly known as Ess Kay Fincorp Limited) has recently issued Listed, Rated, Redeemable, Secured, Principal Protected Non-Convertible MLDs i.e., Market Linked Debentures which blend features of commodities/ customized indices/equities etc., and debt. These MLDs provide a chance to the investors for investing in the custom-made products that might be suited to their investment horizon as well as market expectation and can earn a lot better returns as compared to fixed deposits.

Please analyze the important offer memorandum/document of the pricing supplement /private placement related to the particular MLDs for points on the same which also include their risk elements. CARE (CARE Ratings Limited), CARE Risk Solutions Private Limited and ICRA Analytics Limited has been chosen as valuation agency to valuate these debentures.

According to the instructions for listing and issue of the Market Linked Debentures/Structured Products dated September 28, 2001 issued through the SEBI, as per valuation agency indicated in the memorandum/offer document of the private placement/pricing supplement, historical and latest valuations offered by valuation agent will surely be available as mentioned below :–

Valuation Agency:

Valuation offered by valuation agency might vary from determined value by SK Finance Limited (Formerly known as Ess Kay Fincorp Limited). This company shall not be required to rely upon or consider the valuation offered by valuation agency.

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