There is no denying the fact that CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility has become one of the standard business practices in today’s era. At SK Finance, we hold a firm belief in giving back to the society in every way possible as the entire body of stakeholders includes customers, vendors, and employees to local communities, society, and eco-system at large.

Esskay Fincorp understands the importance of CSR being a vital aspect of the company’s competitiveness and that is why we have procedures and policies in place, which integrate environmental, social, ethical, consumer concerns or human rights into our core strategy. For our company, the philosophy behind Corporate Social Responsibility is laying down mechanisms and guidelines to undertake socially useful programs for the community’s sustainable development and welfare. The vision is, skfinance, as the socially responsible corporate citizen will attempt to be a part of programs that need special assistance and are also beneficial for society.

All the employees actively participate and involve in the social welfare projects by taking time off from their work voluntarily. Our aim is to solve the current problems in health care, education, skill development, and community development sectors.

Our company also sponsors an expert counseling session to build awareness and mobilize people to enroll in the skilling courses.

meals on wheels at akshay patra

Blood Donation Camp

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Disha Foundation

MSMS School- Aids Day


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